This Weird 4 Question Quiz Will Guess Your Annual Income

To calculate your income, answer each question honestly while adding or subtracting the numbers in parentheses as specified.

1. What is your work status?

  • Part-Time (+$14k)
  • Full-Time (+28k)

2. How old are you?

  • 25 or younger (+$0k)
  • 26-35 (+$2k)
  • 36-45 (+$10k)
  • 45 or older (+$20k)

3. What is your highest degree?

  • No degree (-$5k)
  • High-school or GED (+$0k)
  • Associates Degree (+$2k)
  • Bachelors Degree (+$5k)
  • Masters Degree (+$15k)

4. Do you currently have a written list of goals?

  • Yes (+$2k)
  • No (-$2k)

I love that sneaky question about written goals. It is a fact that people with written goals make more money than those without. How did you score? Was it close to your actual income?

Cody Ray Miller
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Cody Ray Miller

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Cody is not really into referring to himself in third person. He does enjoy tinkering with computers, playing guitar, writing, working from home, learning new things, looking at the stars, inventing things, and oh so much more...
Cody Ray Miller
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