This Guy (#DarrenHardy) Knows Why You Fail

There are lots of reasons why people fail, right? Not according to Darren Hardy.

509-hardy-024I had the true privilege of hearing this gentleman speak at a weekend conference recently, and it really shook me up. It didn’t shake me up because it was stuff I had never heard before. (No, this guy basically talked “common sense” for a little over an hour.) It shook me up because it was super simple and I knew this guy had lived it.

Darren was earning six figures by age 18. Nope—not a typo—this guy was making more than $100,000 a year before he left his teenage years. If that doesn’t give the guy some credibility, I don’t know what does!

So, let me distill exactly what this guy had to say in a few simple points.

(And if you’re thinking about skipping this article, don’t. This information could change your life forever.) So buckle up and let’s roll.

3 Simple Reasons You Fail

1. Breakage In Execution


You have to execute everything in a successful plan in order for it to be successful.

For instance, say I want to build a successful business from home. First, I need to find a company and sign-up. Next, I need to get some marketing materials and find people to give them to. After that I have to follow-up with people. Those who are interested will either need more information or they’ll need to be enrolled. Afterward, training, coaching, and mentoring has to take place.

If there is any breakage at any point in the plan, then it is not successful. If you sign up with a company but never do anything else, you will fail.

If you buy marketing materials but never pass them out, you will fail.

If you pass out marketing materials but never follow-up with people—fail.

Follow-up but do not enroll—fail.

Enroll but never train—fail.

So, ask yourself where the breakage is in your business plan. Where are you failing and what must you do in order to experience success?

2. Lack Of Consistency


You have to consistently execute everything in a successful plan in order for it to be successful.

This is a biggie for Darren. You see, just about anything can be accomplished with consistent effort. That’s exactly why the tortoise beats the hare in that classic children’s story.

The tortoise doesn’t win because he moves slow; he wins because he moves consistently and the hare does not.

In fact, you may be a hare. You may be capable of tremendous bursts of speed and energy but if you can’t maintain it, you will fail. See, there is nothing spectacular about moving slow. Moving slow is not superior to moving fast. Consistency is the key.

3. Failure To Adapt


You can drive a nail into a board with a screwdriver, but I don’t recommend it. If something isn’t working, take time to evaluate and develop new strategies for success. Just make sure you’ve worked your plan consistently and without breakage first.

However, if you have worked your plan all the way through, consistently and you are still not achieving the desired result(s), it may be time for a new plan.

I had a mentor that told me to stay humble and stay flexible—no matter what. I think Dareen would agree. If you aren’t flexible enough to adapt to new circumstances, you will die! (Literally.) Adaptation is necessary for our existence, not to mention our success!

Final Thoughts

Darren says that people don’t need to be taught so much as they need to be reminded. You probably know everything you need to know in order to succeed in business. So, it is a lie that you need more information in order to be successful. In reality, you probably just need to be reminded of what you already know, and then you need to do it!

Take action! Develop a simple plan and execute it, day in and day out.

That’s how the pros do it. 😉

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