The Power of Compounding Numbers

The power of Network Marketing is in compounding numbers.

I often hear people say, “I can’t do that [referring to Network Marketing], I’m not a good salesperson.”

My response? “No problem; you don’t need to be a great salesperson to experience success in this industry.”

Some people think I’m just saying that to get them to join, but I’m not… and I don’t want anyone to join my team who doesn’t trust me enough to take me at my word.

No, I really mean it. You don’t have to be a super salesperson to succeed in Network Marketing.

You see, unlike traditional sales (even a traditional job) you are not limited by your own efforts in MLM. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. You just have to trust in the power of compounding numbers.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that I have a product which nets me a personal commission of $12 per sale, and I make 2 sales a month (or have 2 residual customers on the books each month).

Obviously, that’s only $24 a month in profits. Pretty small, right?

Not so fast! Just watch how quickly it compounds when I begin developing a network with my fellow marketers.

We’ll begin by adding just 3 more marketers, but first we need to consider the fact that commissions are usually lower in your downline. So, let’s say that you get a mere $3 per sale for every customer in your downline.

You’re making $24 a month + 3 partners with 2 customers each. That’s $18 from your first level, for a total of $42.

Hmm… not rich yet, but let’s keep going.

Say that your first level duplicates perfectly. Your 3 partners each get 3 partners of their own and everybody gets 2 customers.

Level 2 would make you another $54 a month for a total of $96.

What about level 3? Add $162 for a total of $258 a month.

Level 4? $744 a month, total.

5? $2,202.

Still not impressed? Take it to level 6 for a grand total of $6,576 a month—nearly $80,000 a year before taxes. Sounds like a nice full-time income to me.

But let’s take just a peek at level 7.

*number crunching*


$19,698 a month. That’s nearly $250,000 a year.

Now, let’s review:

How many customers did you get? 2.

How many personal sales did you make? 2.

Say what you want, the numbers don’t lie. You don’t have to be a super-successful salesperson in order to make money in Network Marketing.

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