MLM Myths: Only Early-Adopters Make Money

Multilevel Marketing has been around for awhile. That makes it possible for us to dispel this myth with a few careful observations. However, before jumping in I need to clarify that there is some basic truth to this claim.

Early-adopters do make a lot of money in Network Marketing; I won’t dispute that.

What makes this claim untrue is the exclusivity of the word “only,” which makes it sound as if you shouldn’t even bother with MLM because you can’t possibly make any money with it. This is simply false.

Leonard & Esther Kim Built a $3 Million a Year Amway Business 31 Years After The Company Began

Disclaimer: Neither Freedom Online Team nor this author are in any way affiliated with Amway.

Amway was founded in 1959 and so (as one of the oldest MLM companies still around today) it seems reasonable to start our investigation here. Most people making $1 million a year or more in Amway (and there are 100+) started their businesses in the 1960s and 70s. However, Leonard & Esther Kim began their Amway business in 1990—31 years after Amway got its start.

Leonard_Esther_KimToday, they make approximately $3 million a year, proving this myth to be false.

Most companies have not been around as long as Amway. If the Kims were able to build a multi-million dollar a year MLM business 31 years after the company began, then anyone is able to do the same.

You may not believe that you can do it, but you may no longer say that it is impossible.

A Closer Look at The Networks of Early-Adopters

If you build a large network (group of people) in MLM, you will make a lot of money. Early-adopters have large networks; therefore, they make a lot of money. You see, it is the size of one’s network which brings success, not status as an early-adopter by itself. Thus, if one builds a large network, monetary success follows.

So, here comes the revised objection: “Only early-adopters can build large networks in MLM.”

This statement is usually meant to imply that market saturation has ruined the newcomer’s chance for success in MLM. “Everyone already knows about the company / product(s).” Therefore (says the skeptic), there is no longer any room for new marketers to build a viable network. The market is exhausted (saturated).

The Missing Element: Expansion

The problem with the idea of market saturation in regard to MLM is that it does not leave room for future expansion. An MLM company (like any corporation) is capable of expansion. This includes geographic expansion as well as expansion in products and services offered to the consumer.

Even in a saturated market, companies can pull ahead if they are willing to innovate.

But what about so-called information saturation? In my opinion, information saturation is irrelevant. Here’s why: I knew about Hyundai motor company long before I ever bought my first Hyundai. In fact, most people already know about the leading brands and companies.

We buy from these companies when the time is right in our lives and not a moment before. The same is true of MLM.

How many people pass car dealerships every day? A lot. Now, how many people will  drive on to the lot and purchase a vehicle that day? Very few, comparatively. However, how many of those people who pass the dealership without driving on to the lot and buying a vehicle will eventually buy a vehicle from a car lot?

Almost all of them. It is just a matter of timing.

Thus, I rest my case.

Did this article help to change your mind about the early-adopter myth? Why or why not? Leave your comment below!

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