Millenial Marketing 101: Developing Your Elevator Pitch

I’m a millennial. We have short attention spans.

Picture 22You can hate it, or you can deal with it.

And the way to deal with it is simple—have a killer elevator pitch.

You need to be able to explain to a millenial exactly why they should care about you, your product, or service, in less than 30 seconds.

If you can’t do it. You lose.

Your business is done.

The good news is that crafting a rock-solid elevator pitch doesn’t take much time. (That’s important if you’re a millenial entrepreneur yourself, because I know you’re already a little bored with this blog post!).

Step 1: Find the Pain

Where do your customers hurt? What bothers them? You have to be able to tap into their pain.

For example, I market a healthy energy drink. My customers have a single pain: they are tired of feeling tired! They don’t want to be so lethargic. They want vitality!

Which leads us to…

Step 2: Fix the Pain

Explain very simply how what you have to offer will get rid of their pain.

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? (That’s the pain.)

You don’t have to! Drink this once a day and you’ll have more energy. (That’s the pitch for the fix.)

Simple, right?

Step 3: Focus on Today

This is the final step.

You’ve pricked their pain. You’ve mentioned the cure. Now, you need to give them valid reasons for why they should take action NOW.

Not tomorrow.

People are flaky. (That includes me.)

People forget.

If you have a stellar value proposition, then you have no reason to feel guilty about asking your customers to buy from you today.

Let’s continue looking at my elevator pitch as an example.

Are you tired of feeling tired all the time? (Pain)

You don’t have to! Drink this once a day and you’ll have more energy! (Fix)

Guaranteed! You have 30 days to test it out for yourself—completely risk free. If you don’t feel INCREDIBLE after using this product, you get your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. (Today)


Refining Your Pitch

There is no “catch” with this system.

It’s simple, and IT ALWAYS WORKS.

However, some people may have trouble. If your elevator pitch isn’t converting, here are the things you need to be looking at:

1. Are you tapping into the deepest pains of your target audience?

For example, maybe your target demographic is more concerned about avoiding death than increasing health.

In fact, psychological studies show that this is almost always the case.

People are more motivated by the negative things that they do not want than they are by the positive things they DO WANT.

So, make sure you’re tapping into the deepest and most PAINFUL pain your target audience currently has.

2. Is your value proposition (the fix) strong enough?

It’s a tried and true sales slogan that “if people aren’t buying, you aren’t showing them enough value.”

Make sure your value proposition addresses the exact pain your consumer-base is concerned about. Then, make sure what you have to offer actually removes that pain as completely as possible.

For example, people don’t just want to feel a bit healthier. They want to feel as good as they possibly can. They want to feel 100%.

So, “feel better” is a weak value proposition.

“Experience more energy than you’ve ever had before,” is a much stronger one.

And remember, avoiding something negative may be the driving force behind your audience’s pain. In that case…

“Kill fatigue before it kills you,” would be a strong value prop.

3. Are you giving your customers good reasons for why they should immediately take action on your value proposition?

This one is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Why should someone buy from you today?

If you don’t seal the deal today, your prospect will likely lose interest. They may forget about you entirely.

So, don’t feel weird about sweetening the pot. You need to lay down those bonuses and extras that will push potential buyers over the edge and turn them into CUSTOMERS.

Once again, you can focus on what your customer stands to GAIN, as well as what they stand to LOSE by not taking action right away.

“Start on Sunday, feel awesome by Thursday!” This tells the person what they stand to gain by taking action immediately.

“Every day you wait is another day lost to fatigue.” That tells them what they will lose if they hesitate—another day.


Now, it’s time to take action.

Create or refine you elevator pitch right now. Grab a pen and paper and start writing. Open Microsoft Word and start typing.

Then, leave me a comment.

Again, I’m a millennial, so I’ll be sure to tell you if your pitch is horrible…

… or, if it rocks!

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Cody Ray Miller
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