Generate 25 FREE Leads a Week on Craigslist (Step by Step Guide)

I am going to assume that you have not been living under a rock for the last decade already know about Craigslist. The method I am about to explain to you is very simple and could easily generate 25 leads a week for you and your business.

NOTE: This is not theory. This is how I actually market my business on Craigslist and get fresh, responsive leads that are seriously interested in joining my company.

Step 1: Post in “Gigs”

It costs $25 to post in the jobs section of Craigslist and your business isn’t a job, so why should you post there? Instead, post under “Gigs” (which is FREE). The “Gigs” section is where people go to look for non-traditional work and odd jobs—Network Marketing fits in this category.

However, you will first need to select a country, state, and region. This can be anywhere your company is present. Your local area may or may not be a good place to market your business. It’s your choice and you have a lot of options; Pick a city, any city!

Also, you will need to select a subcategory within Gigs. I usually post under “Computer” gigs, and you’ll see why when you read my basic ad copy (below). However, you could create an ad that would fit into almost any of the subcategories Craigslist offers. Be creative and have some fun with it!

Step 2: Design Your Ad

I’m going to keep this super simple. Here’s exactly what I’ve been posting in the Seattle, Washington area of Craigslist:

myadHere’s the text for your convenience:

Looking for part-timers: Texas-based health and wellness company expanding into Washington is looking for motivated professionals who want to earn an income working online through social media engineering.

Training will be provided. However, applicants must be familiar with the basics of popular social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Contact Cody Miller for more information.

This isn’t a perfect or magic piece of ad copy, and you could easily create your own if you wanted to. Here are the general principles:

  • DO qualify your leads in some way
  • DO keep it short and simple
  • DON’T say or imply that you are hiring for a job (you aren’t)
  • DON’T use your company name or link to your website
  • DON’T mention MLM or Network Marketing, specifically (see below)

Craigslist officially prohibits Network Marketing and MLM business opportunities. So, if you mention these specifically, you will get flagged and your posting will be removed.

So, why do I post on Craigslist if it’s against the rules? I believe in my company and product, no matter what Craigslist thinks about it. I run a legal and ethical business that helps people live a better life. In my opinion, Craigslist is unfairly discriminating against the Network Marketing industry.

I believe their goal in prohibiting MLM is to protect consumers from illegal pyramid schemes, but that isn’t what my company is about. So, I post there anyway. It’s a judgement call that you’ll have to make for yourself, I suppose.

Finally, don’t forget to include contact information, especially a phone number. You want to get these people on the phone with you as soon as possible.

Step 3: Include a Picture

Postings with pictures are more likely to be opened. So, always include a picture in your post. However, you need to remember not to include any specifics about your company. Do not post your company’s logo or a picture of your product.

Instead, post a picture of the local area. I capture a screenshot from Google Maps and use that as my picture. It seems specific (a map of the area) but it is actually generic. Your ad won’t attract a lot of attention from moderators this way.


Step 4: Post It!

Do you see how simple this is? It only takes a few minutes but each ad will generate between 1 and 4 leads (on average).

So, if you want to generate 25 leads a week, post 2-3 ads a day in different cities. DO NOT SPAM Craigslist. You are trying to fly under the radar here. I only post one ad per week in each city. Also, I like to mix up my ad copy. Keep it simple; keep it fresh.

That’s all there is to it. The key to making this work is consistency. You have to be consistent in order to generate a steady flow of leads. Give it a few weeks, but you should see results rather quickly.

This is 100% FREE and the quality of these leads will far exceed that of any leads you could purchase online. (Believe me, I know from experience.)

Please post any questions in the comments below!

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Cody Ray Miller
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