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You probably have the wrong idea about success.

bigstock-Woman-Celebrating-Sport-Succes-44061001If you’re like most people then you’ve believed the lie that success is money, time freedom, rank, or awards. However, those things are not success; they are merely the fruits of a successful mindset and attitude. They are the profits of success, not success itself. We need to retrain your brain for true success.

See, anyone can be successful in any endeavor, right away. I’m serious. Anything you want to do, you can start being successful at it today. Here’s how:

In order to be successful every single day you must have daily goals.

Did you catch that? Daily goals.

If you don’t have daily goals, you can’t be successful each and every day because daily goals set the parameters of your success.

For example, set a goal to contact 25 people about your Network Marketing business opportunity or product—today. At the end of the day, you either contacted 25 people or you didn’t. If you contacted 25 people, you were successful. Otherwise, you weren’t.

Big money and fancy cars are the result of being consistently successful in business. Don’t fool yourself. If you don’t have daily goals, you don’t have a business—you’re simply playing the lottery.

And do you know how many people win the lottery? Not many.

If you want to gamble for success then go right ahead, but stop calling whatever it is you’re doing a business.

Now, for those of who you really want to be successful and productive each and every day, use our daily business score card template.

This is a FREE resource for those who seriously want to be successful every single day. And the form is easy to use, just fill one out each day of the week that you work your business.

Make sure to set a goal in the upper-right corner of the page beforehand! You have to pick a destination in order to track your arrival.

DailyBusinessScorecardFREE DOWNLOAD — CLICK HERE!

Your daily business scorecard should be motivating and sobering because the numbers don’t lie. If you hit your goal(s) every single day, you are successful. Notice, I didn’t say that you are becoming successful or that you are on your way to success. No. If you hit your goal(s) every single day, you are successful and you will see the fruits of your labor!

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Cody Ray Miller
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