3 Tips on Becoming a Person Worthy of Consumer Trust


There is a lot being written about trust-building these days, especially among entrepreneurs.

Trust is critical in today’s economy because people have more options than ever before. If they don’t believe you’re trustworthy, they can find someone who is—and pretty easily. In light of this, many entrepreneurs are doing their very best to appear trustworthy.

And that is the real problem.

It’s really important that we split hairs here, because there is a difference between appearing trustworthy and actually being trustworthy.

One is a facade, while the other is a core reality. Of course, it is much easier to appear trustworthy to consumers than it is to actually be a person that is worthy of consumer trust. No doubt.

I’m just being honest.

But besides that fact that you ought to be a trustworthy person strictly because it is the morally right thing to do, you must also recognize that, sooner or later, your business will suffer from anything less than rock-solid consumer trust.

You’ll lose repeat business, and your brand will begin to erode beneath your feet. Word travels fast around the internet. Never forget that.

So, rather than me telling you how to appear more trustworthy to consumers, let’s talk about how you become a person that is worthy of trust.

1. Underpromise and overdeliver

worlds-best-coffeeStop promising ridiculous things to your customers.

(Earn $100,000 a year from your sofa with my mastermind millionaire madness course!)

Let’s end the hyperbole craze, shall we? Instead, focus on creating content, products, and services that go way above and beyond consumer expectations.

My sister has a simple rule of thumb when it comes to evaluating the ability of businesses to actually deliver what they promise: “If they have to put it in their sign,” she says “it probably isn’t true.”

2. Shake the greed; be unselfish

2207307656_be0d4fd1de_oOne of my mentors taught me this very important lesson. “If what you’re doing is valuable,” he said, “then people will pay you very well for it.”

As much as possible, let consumers price your products. Yep, you read that right. Listen to your customers. For example, if they don’t feel like they are receiving $7 worth of value from your introductory eBook, start giving it away for free.

Obviously, there are limits here, and there is truth in the old saying, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free?”

You have to make a living, but how you make it is more important than how much you make. (Seriously.) Most people are willing (and actually want) to pay you for your hard work, so let them help you in setting the price. You’ll make up in volume what you fear to lose by slashing your price.

3. Perform as a Consultant

sw4Have you ever met with a prospect and discovered rather quickly that what they are looking for is different than what you have to offer? When this happens, you have a choice to make: 1) Continue selling them on your stuff, or 2) Refer them to something more helpful and relevant to their needs.

The latter option is what performing as a business consultant is all about.

Look, if you have a good product, someone wants it. Stop trying to cram it down the throat of every living soul on the planet. My dad taught me the principle of ‘SW4’ and now I’m sharing it with you.

  1. Some will

  2. Some won’t

  3. So what?

  4. Someone’s waiting!

Did you catch that? Some people will buy your products, some won’t. But so what? Someone who needs what you have to offer and wants to buy from you is waiting to discover your product!


We’re just scratching the surface of what it means to be a trustworthy individual… obviously. But the 3 steps previously mentioned can go a long way in helping you become a person of genuine trust in business.

And remember this: There are no shortcuts to becoming a person worthy of trust, only pitfalls.

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Cody Ray Miller
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